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The King of Fighters 96

This is the third King of Fighters game. However, it is also one of the most important games in the series. The difficulty was toned down a bit to make it easier and attract more players. The dodge from the previous two games has been replaced with a forward or backward roll. The roll will dodge attacks and will go through (and behind) opponents. However, a rolling character is still vulnerable to throws. Kyo's fighting style is drastically changed. Where he used to throw fireballs, he now does flaming punch combos. New teams: Japan's Heroes: Kyo, Benimaru, Daimon. Ladies: King, Mai, Kasumi. Lonely Wolves: Terry, Andy, Joe. Iori Team: Iori, Vice, Mature. Art of Fighting: Ryo, Robert, Yuri. Ikari Warriors: Ralf, Clark, Leona. Kim Team: Kim, Chang, Choi. Psycho Soldiers: Athena, Sie, Chin. Team Evil: Geese, Krauser, Mr. Big. The player always faces Team Evil last before the bosses. Chizuru then acts as a mid-boss with Goenitz being the final boss.